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Garden Program

About the Garden and Garden School Foundation
Parents, teachers, and community members built the Jackson Community Pride Garden in 2013. They created a wonderful resource for learning, exploration, and imagination for all students at Jackson.
Currently, the garden is used in partnership with Garden School Foundation, which provides monthly garden-based science and nutritional cooking classes for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, monthly nutritional cooking classes for 4th graders, and weekly garden work with 5th graders. The Jackson Garden houses 7 fruit trees, 25 garden beds, a succulent forest and wall, a flower garden, a pollinator garden, an outdoor classroom, and a garden library. The garden is also used as an outdoor learning space by teachers, girl scouts, after-school clubs, and during recess. There are monthly Community Garden Days (paired with monthly KRS dates) where parents, teachers, and community members volunteer in the garden to make the space as inspirational as possible.
The Jackson Community Pride Garden is led by Garden Educator, Rachel Black, and Garden Parent, Ruth Lorenzana.  

The Garden School Foundation provides in-depth garden-based education to Los Angeles youth, strengthening connections between education, food justice, environmental awareness, and healthy communities. By using the full transformative potential of school gardens as teaching sites, we nurture a healthy and mindful generation of children that care for their bodies, their communities, and the earth. We currently serve seven Title I elementary schools, reaching over 3,000 students and their families each year.

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